Master in soccer by knowing the rules

Addicted to soccer and do you don’t have time to go to the ground? check out with Bandar bola online Resmi. Soccer is a game like a football. Every game has rules likewise soccer also has some rules and game structure. To play soccer you need some skills and the position of the players. To get more information on this game you must go to the ground and observe how they play. Also, you must learn the player’s position and their role to play. They have some rules and they must also follow the rules. The position of the goalkeeper is to protect the ball from the goal. The goalkeeper can use both their hands and legs to stop the ball from goal. Likewise, before you start to play the game you must be clear with the rule of the game. The following are some basic rules of soccer

  • There can be a maximum of 11 players in each team or a minimum of 7 players on each team
  • The game lasts for 90 minutes and each game is divided into two half (45 minutes each)
  • There will be one goalkeeper in a team and others play in the field
  • Every goalkeeper has the right to touch the ball with their hands but other players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands
  • The team with the most goal, within the time limit wins the match
  • To get score the ball must cross the goal line
  • If any player is considered careless are they use excessive force then it is an offense
  • An offense will result in a free-kick to the opponent team

These are very basic rules of this soccer. Many people like to play this game on the ground. Nowadays the game is also available as Bandar bola online Resmi. These online game also has some rules. You can continue your game without getting ready to the ground. The one who needs physical exercise can go to the ground and play. Before you start the game you must warm up so that it will be easy while you play. Each player will have their position in the ground like goalkeeper will always be there near the gaol point. So before you start a game try to know how to play the game, all the rules in the game, dos, and don’ts and try to understand the game structure.